Bringing Baseball to East Cape Thur Sawyers Baseball Camp

~ Where it all started in 2014 ~


 To Baseball Fans:

My name is Sawyer.  I'm 10 years old and baseball is my favorite sport.  I have played for 6 years. I want to play pro some day.

When I went to Baja to visit my aunt, I brought 2 baseball mitts so I could play catch.  The only neighbor boy didn't know how to play baseball.

I have been collecting old baseball equipment from my coaches, to bring down to the kids who can't afford to buy their own.  My aunt took baseball stuff last year and she told me the kids played everyday.

I think the kids need a baseball camp so that they can learn the rules and have more fun.   

Sawyer Kenck
December 2014

~ Sawyers Baseball Camp is Created ~


 As the letter of a 10 year old says, it started with one kid’s visit.  After his visit, we got thinking and started asking some questions. The next spring we brought down baseball equipment and gave it to a friend living in Campamento, a neighborhood where many of our towns workers live.  Our friend kept the gear at his house near the school and soccer field.  He felt that if it stays in one location and the kids get it when they want to play, and then returns it, it will stay a complete set longer.  Each afternoon the kids would come and get the gear, play until dark and return it.  Soon the parents came out and played too!

What we discovered is the kids here love baseball, but equipment is expensive and hard to come by.  We also thought that maybe teaching some basic skills would make the game more enjoyable and maybe open doors for their future!

~ It is happening, and it is working! ~


So, Sawyers ‘Camp’ was formed. We do a fall camp – the Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend and Spring camp, each in a different community. We will provide snacks and drinks and invite some of the mothers to help just to get them involved.  Ages will 6 – 15 years old.  The focus is on hitting, throwing & catching, fielding and pitching- covering the basic skills and rules.  We will follow up with specific clinics and invite the students of past camps to focus on one skill or another.  These clinics will be at different times each year. This camp is just another event with the Asociasion de Artes that fits directly into the mission of teaching the children arts and sports – skills to enlighten, entertain and just let them have fun.  And considering that Los Barriles has their own Little League team now, I think that the camp works bringing Baseball to the East Cape!

We are always looking for donations of gear -especially mitts-  and if you can bring down gear, please contact us at