The Mission and History of Asociación de Artes

~ Supported Programs ~


• Organizes artists and people with artistic abilities.
• Organizes three shows or festivals where artists can sell their work. 

 • Provides art supplies,school supplies, equipment and training to 19 local schools.
• Sponsors, supports and conducts art and sports programs and events.
 • Financially supports baseball camps, art classes, Easter Sports program in Los Barriles and Cursos de Verano in Los Barriles, just to name a few of the supported events for kids of the East Cape area.   

 • Organizes, provides volunteers and equipment for baseball camp in local communities.

• Publishes the East Capers Magazine bi-monthly during high season (October - May).
• Sponsors and conducts workshops, seminars, conferences and courses for East Cape children, residents and visitors. 

~ How It All Started ~


Asociación de Artes History
When Russ and JoAnn Hyslop, two retired school teachers from the United States, moved to Los Barriles in 1992 they realized that the local schools did not have an art program. Russ began teaching art classes after school in one of the classrooms. The classes were a success, but art supplies and space were in short supply. The Hyslops knew something had to be done to raise money for the art program. In the same year, Russ and JoAnn and a small group of residents formed an Art Committee to organize an art festival where local artists could show their original work. Their hope was to raise money to support the art programs in the schools. Twenty-five local artists attended this event which was held in Juanito’s Garden R.V. Park on April 2, 1993.

The spring Festival de Artes has grown to include over one hundred local artists with over 4,000 visitors attending, attracting people from across Baja California Sur. From these modest beginnings the Asociación de Artes continued to grow. They developed programs for the greater community to work together in a multi-cultural environment. In 1999 the Art Committee formed a private Mexican non-profit organization and established a formal Board of Directors representing a multicultural group of East Cape residents. The Asociación de Artes del Mar de Cortez A.C. is the second oldest Mexican non-profit organization in the East Cape region.

~ NAFTA Compliance ~



The Asociación de Artes del Mar de Cortez A.C., Los Barriles, B.C. Sur, Mexico is a legal non-profit Mexican corporation not affiliated with any other organization, association, club or business. The Asociación is in full compliance with the terms of the NAFTA agreement of January 1, 1994. As such, contributions made to the Asociación de Artes del Mar de Cortez A.C. are tax-deductable in the United States or Canada. Anyone donating and requiring a Factura – Official Tax Deductable Document in Mexico, can receive one by sending an email to 

For more details and the complete NAFTA governing rules, email